Hopey changey stuff

Last Saturday night Sarah Palin delivered a speech to a “tea party convention,” whatever that is. The tea party movement, as we all know, is a bunch of Obama-hating right wing conservatives. It was reported that they were even registering people as Republicans right on the floor of this “convention.”

All the talk about the tea party movement being non-partisan and having no leadership and not being tied to any one party is just a smokescreen. When you talk about the tea party movement you are talking about the conservative right-wing and you are talking about Republicans. Just dump all that plausible deniability crap about being “non-partisan,” okay? It doesn’t suit you.

Palin, in her speech, asked the crowd a version of the question I’ve been hearing from rightie wingnuts for the last six months:

Now a year later, I have to ask those supporters of all that how is that hopey changey stuff working out for ya?

As you can see she spruced up the the standard talking point question with her own unique personalized stylings and flair.

“Hopey changey stuff.” Does anyone really talk that way? I mean, really?!?!?

Even someone on the national stage using crib notes sloppily written on her own hand? Really?

That irony was delicious. While she stood there addressing the tea party crowd and criticizing Obama for his usage of teleprompters she had handwritten notes on her hand. ON HER HAND!

Personally I could care less if she had something written on her hand. I wouldn’t cross the street to criticize her for that. But the hypocrisy of criticizing Obama for his teleprompter usage at the same time is simply unbelievably stunning. The phrase “unmitigated gall” comes to mind.

But don’t you dare criticize her for it. Oh no, then of course you’d be one of those people that seem to unfairly nitpick her every move. The kind of person that makes her ask, “Golly gee. Don’t they have anything better to do?” Never mind that she was in the act of nitpicking Obama. That’s different. Nitpick them = good. Nitpick me = bad.

The thing about writing crib notes on your hand is that it seems to me it’s either your habit or it’s not. Personally I’ve never written notes to myself on my own body. Ever. Not even a phone number for a hot woman in a bar. I’d rather go without. 🙂

It seems to me, though, that if you are a famous woman in her mid-40’s writing crib notes on your own hand then chances are pretty good it’s something you’ve probably been doing your entire life. It’s probably a lifelong habit. It’s probably something you learned early and used often, like in elementary school, junior high, high school, in a beauty contest, college, while governor of a state and maybe even while running for vice president of the United States.

And what’s the all-time number one reason for using crib notes in the first place?



Now that is something that wouldn’t surprise me one little bit.

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  1. I don’t get the criticism of Obama for the use of the teleprompter. Hasn’t every president used a teleprompter since its invention? Doees this tacitly imply that Obama should have memorized an 80 minute speech?


    1. Ah, but they were white. Obama’s black. So he’s either being held to a higher standard or everything he does is wrong. You choose.


  2. Me, either, Keith! If you research the subject I think you’ll find some unbiased news reports that Obama does indeed use teleprompters a bit more than his predecessors.

    All presidents have used speech writers. It’s not like they make up everything they say on the fly. Bush frequently used notes at the podium. Quite a common thing, I understand, especially among those who frequently give speeches. You know, like presidents.

    I don’t get the prompers beef here, either. (Hey, I made up my own topical categorization insult word). To me, making a mountain out of this particular molehill just reeks of desperation. It’s been shown time and time again that you can successfully destroy a political figure if you invent the right insult and/or lie, boil it down to one or two words, then repeat it often enough so that it becomes believable to some.

    The logical argument being made with teleprompter criticism (that they expect the American people to fall for) is this:

    Statement: Obama uses teleprompters more than his predecessors. (True.)
    Conclusion: Obama is bad. (False.)

    Unfortunately this sort of faulty logic works on the weak-minded all the time. It’s like the spam of the political realm.


  3. Hmmm… notes on her hand. I commend her for that. One, she is a true environmentalist. No paper was used and no electricity was used for teleprompters.

    Quite frankly, it’s much ado about nothing when Obama uses teleprompters to speak in a sixth grade classroom. Now, that is LAME. I’d like to see him try and give a speech without teleprompters using a note or two on his hand. Highly unlikely.

    That being said, she’s interesting but not ready to be president or even a viable candidate.


  4. LOL, z! “True environmentalist.” You made me lose my cookies. Why oh why can’t I write copy like that?!? 🙂


  5. I guess if Palin is going to throw teleprompter stones it is only fair to take a look at what one of her teleprompters looks like:

    Palin teleprompter

    “Funny thing though: both times Ms. Palin was called to say the word “nuclear,” (“we’re going to lay more pipelines, build more nuclear plants, create jobs with clean coal”, “Terrorist states are seeking nuclear weapons without delay”) the word was spelled “new-clear” on the screen. Which is interesting, because it suggests someone in the party (maybe Ms. Palin herself) really, really didn’t want her to mispronounce this word. Why all of a sudden does the Republican party care about this, after not caring about it– defiantly, it seemed sometimes!– for eight years?”



  6. No, I think she is right. Hope is bad.

    Is your mailbox full of hate mail from her people yet?


    1. LOL! You have a way with words. 🙂

      Nope, never been hit with a bunch of angry complaints. Now that I think about it that is fairly surprising.


      1. Man, I got some winners when I wrote about her and her visor. A few even got on my twitter feed like they were watching to see if I mentioned her again. When I didn’t get around to her, they moved on.


  7. Palin’s looking at her hand was very lame. Especially when you saw what she wrote. It wasn’t a physics equation or the Bill of Rights, something that might be useful. Nevertheless, I wish Obama would use just one teleprompter. Then he would be facing the viewing public directly and wouldn’t be moving his head like a metronome, which draws attention to the teleprompter usage. I just watched the last part of the old movie “Seven Days in May.” The movie president gave a televised press conference — and yes, folks, I realize this is a movie — but he looked straight ahead. When you look at two teleprompters you seem as if you’re not looking at anyone. We’ve been trained to expect the direct approach by the movies and even our speech classes.

    As for gaffes in pronunciation….well, there have been a few this week from various politicians……


  8. Good points, Catherine.

    Aside from that, all I ask is that criticisms are at least based on the truth.

    Fox News Runs With Fake Obama Teleprompter Story

    Sorry, short on time. More later, I’m sure. 🙂

    Thanks all for the comments! Woot!


  9. Whether it’s someone reading a teleprompter or looking at the scribbling in her hand — the handwriting is on the wall. We’re heading for a world of hurt if we don’t get our budget under control. The real issue for our country and its future is the economy or the enormous debt piled on in the last ten years will drown us. We need people in charge who know what they’re doing to keep that from happening. Here are two interesting links.

    How Obama got Keynes wrong

    New York Times Op-Ed Columnist
    The World’s Watchmaker
    Published: February 9, 2010
    China has America about where it wants it. You can make your own calculation of President Obama’s leverage over Beijing — and it’s heading south.



  10. I am certainly not the one screaming like a little girl and making a mountain out of a molehill over a thing like teleprompter use. I’m not running around calling it a “crutch.” That comes from the finger-pointing and whiny right. The right wants to find (or invent) things they can throw that will stick. Based on empirical evidence that seems to be their primary motivation.

    Teleprompters. Using the word “I” too much. The president riding in a plane. These are apparently the burning issues the see facing our country. I hear them talk about stuff like that incessantly. Things like jobs are barely a blip on the radar.

    What they don’t want, however, is raising those criticisms when their guy is in charge. Obama shows up and suddenly they have a problem with everything.

    Sorry, I had a moment of bitterness.

    I read the article you linked. Interesting stuff. One point it made was that boosting consumption shouldn’t be the goal, yet our whole country seems to be based on consumption. Yikes. At the place I work if internet sales are down one single day the owner runs around shaking and talking about cutting back hours. People stop consuming for one day and he freaks out. God forbid they make an actual lifestyle change to live without his useless shit. I guess then I’d have to go live in a box.

    Back to the previous comment, maybe Obama does look like a metronome. I’m sure he thinks he looks all natural and smooth. Each president has their own style. Nobody’s perfect. It occurs to me that looking good while delivering speeches is a small sliver of the job.

    How’s the hopey-changey stuff working for me? Honestly, so far, not so good. The 2000 decade was the worst of my life. With Obama at the helm, nothing has changed for me, not by one iota. I’m not surprised, though. My personal feeling is that the man in the White House doesn’t dictate how everything will be. He’s actually one small cog in a gigantic machine. He just also happens to be a lightning rod for disproportionate amount of criticism.


  11. I was just responding to the post in general about focusing on politicians using crutches to give speeches, such as Palin and then later in t he comments it was Obama. Both are a diversion from the real issues at hand, as you noted — the fact that our economy is driven by consumption, which is necessary because most people have a lot of debt, which must be serviced, in addition to basic living expenses such as food, fuel and shelter.

    Ten years ago there were a lot of articles about how the baby boomers (which I am) were driving the economy. They inflated stocks when they all tried to find a place for their money. They drove up housing prices because there were so many of them. They were far enough removed from the hardship of the Depression and World War II that they didn’t believe in rainy days and just wanted to follow their bliss, building mcmansions, second homes, taking world tours. I know I’m generalizing, but that ignited this huge consumer economy.

    Too many people are lawyers, fianciers and bankers. How do those Wall Street bankers add value? I can’t figure out what they do that’s so essential that they need millions in bonuses. Some of these people are in Obama’s administration. Bush had his own fat cats. Not enough people are teachers, engineers and scientists who would create the kind of inventions to make life better for everyone without damaging the environment further. Smart people before the recent downturn were going to Wall Street or to law school, not becoming doctors or engineers. One of the smartest people I ever knew (I went to grade school and college with him) went to Harvard Law School — on a full scholarship. I told him I was disappointed in him. I told him I always thought he’d be a scientist who would do something for the world, but instead he became a tax attorney for the money. Disgusting! But I didn’t become a scientist or engineer, either. Unfortunately, what I did choose for a career wasn’t very lucrative, either.

    I wish you could find some way to make your own job. You’re a brilliant writer. The gerbil series is hilarious.


  12. “Even someone on the national stage using crib notes sloppily written on her own hand? Really?”

    At least she isnt such a moron she needs a teleprompter to speak to 6th graders.


    1. We know that last comment wont go through. Truth to libs is like sunlight is to vampires.


    2. Statement: Obama used a teleprompter to speak to 6th graders.
      Conclusion: Obama is bad.

      You have failed to make your case. Also, be extra careful to make sure your statement is actually correct. Sometimes sources like FOX News will lie.

      Fox News Runs With Fake Obama Teleprompter Story


      1. The Jon Stewart video is on the Huffington Post link.


      2. Im talking about the double starboards you libs apply to conservative politicians versus liberal ones but you knew that.


  13. “But the hypocrisy of criticizing Obama for his teleprompter usage at the same time is simply unbelievably stunning.”

    What hypocrisy? Having a few words on ones hand doesnt equal some moron using a teleprompter everywhere he goes. But then you progressive drones hold your own to much lower standards than you do everyone else. I guess in a way its a compliment. 🙂


    1. Ironic given the drone like adoration of al-Thuggy.


  14. “Is your mailbox full of hate mail from her people yet?”

    Sorry, you got al-Thuggy supporters mixed up with Palin supporters.


  15. “Wrong as usual.”

    Really? Tingles doesnt have a drone like adoration of al-Thuggy? Or is that only when he forgets he is “black”?


  16. LOL! Sarah Palin has spoon fed you the word “tingles” and now like a good little foot soldier you are out using it as your latest way to insult people. How cute. 🙂

    Calling American voters “drones” is probably one of the most offensive things that can be done in this great country of ours.

    Choosing and voting for a candidate you think is best does not make one a drone or imply adoration. No more so than when you do it.


  17. I was drawn to this article on http://hotair.com because it said Hopey Changey, but when I clicked on it the headline said this: Back to the Drawing Board
    Democratic fantasies face the bracing slap of reality. It was interesting, anyway.



    1. According to that article, the problem isn’t the president. The problem is America’s inflated standing in the world. Interesting stuff.

      And in the comments section someone linked this article that asks the question if our form of government has reached a tipping point:


  18. Where do I even begin? I am scared to death that this idiot will end up in DC serving in some capacity for the USA…..PROBLEM!!!! Wake up America!!!! Idiot, nut job!!! Hello, anyone out there, or all of you pigs w/ lipstick!!! LOL!!! You have to laugh, the alternative is not good!


    1. Welcome, Corey. It’s surreal to think back that she was actually tapped by McCain for VP. Seems almost like a fairy tale now looking back on it. Sure she has got some skills, she was able to win the position of Mayor in a small town. And she was able to win Governor in Alaska. If not for McCain, that would have been it, and she could have retired as a famous Alaskan and lived her very comfy life with things like lake front property that she pays no property tax on. Instead she is the darling of the right that they love glomming onto. You have to admit she’s a lot hotter than Bob Dole, John McCain, and even Newt. We know she’s unelectable but we hope that she somehow doesn’t pull off her act long enough to actually get elected. I’d be disappointed if that happened.


  19. “We know she’s unelectable”



    1. You’re right. I injected a bit of hopeful opinion there. If enough people vote for her, then she’ll be electable. I just hope that won’t happen. Maybe you are catching on to this truth thing after all. 🙂


  20. If someone moronic community organizer with no executive experience can get elected, anyone can. al-Thuggy really lowered the bar. 🙂


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