Daily Archives: February 7th, 2010

Random Wikipedia

I always have a long list of ideas I keep handy for my next possible blog post. Today I decided to ignore that list. D’oh!

I had an idea that I thought might turn out to be interesting. I was going to use the “Random Article” feature on Wikipedia to power my next blog post. I’d click the link and no matter what the topic, I’d then expound on it. No matter what came up I’d find some way to use it.

Epic fail!

I knew from the very first page load that the idea had problems.

I tried it three times and this is what came up:

  1. Mika Arisaka
  2. China Plastic & Rubber Journal
  3. Garin (given name)

Mika is a vocalist and also a member of a group called “Reggae Disco Rockers.” I visited their MySpace page and listened to a couple of their songs. Not quite my cup of tea.

Then I visited the China Plastic & Rubber Journal web site. (At this point I was beginning to suspect the universe was fucking with me.) Boring!

The Garin page looked mildly interesting with a few possible avenues of exploration. Meh.

Guess my idea was lame. 🙂

FYI to Elric66: The last comment is not an invitation to submit a comment agreeing with me and calling me a “moron.” Thanks so much!