Midday post of miscellany

Just some random what nots:

  • The last day I missed a post was Monday, October 5, 2009. That means it is now 113 days of consecutive blogging and counting! Eat that, NaBloPoMo.
  • The blog is now eight comments away from the “1,000 comments” achievement. Who will be the one to pop my 1k cherry?
  • Last night Mrs. Abyss laughed her ass off. Longer and harder than any time I can think of in recent memory. (Too bad for her she has a cold and a little rattle in her chest and all that laughter choked her good!) She came home from work and found that I had purchased haircut clippers and had buzzed my head good. I figured it would be a good cost-cutting move since haircuts cost me $22 each and the clippers were a one-time investment of only $10.50.
  • In my latest move of craziness I decided to forgo the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine this morning and I walked my ass to work. (It’s only two miles.) There is something exhilarating about getting from point A to point B under your own head of steam. The trick now is to see how long I can keep this up and what effect it might have on me. Thanks to the WordPress “schedule post” feature I’ll still be able to blog while I’m hoofin’ it across town later this afternoon.
  • There have been four cans of energy drinks in our fridge during the last 24 hours. The gerbil herd may be getting ready to stampede. Our scientists are carefully observing – from a safe distance.

Have a great day, all!

5 responses

  1. Laughing is great. I laughed for about ten minutes straight the other day. I had tears and my tummy hurt. It was over something really stupid.


    1. One time “find that acid” did it to me. It seriously hurt! 🙂


  2. HA! I may have almost choked to death but I’m still alive sucka! And I’m here to fill in all the dirty details of your cheapness. As I had said to him many many times last week, “Please Abyss…DO NOT get clippers, you’ll be sorry. It’s not a job you can handle yourself.” But, alas, he never believes me. Most moms may have experienced their kidlets giving themselves their first haircuts. Your darling daughter with golden ringlets decides to cut a chunk of hair off the left side of her head. Or your handsome little boy takes daddy’s razor and shaves a strip of hair down the middle of his scalp. Yep you know what I’m talking about. Well, Mr. Abyss looked like a three year old last night with his eyes cast down and a pouty look on his face. I seriously about died laughing. The front was not too bad but the sides and back…oh my. The tippy top of his head had about a perfect 3 inch circle of long strands of hair poking out hear and there. He looked like one of those Troll dolls. The back had uneven chunks chipped out on the right side of his head, but the left side was perfect. Around his ears, his hair matched the top of his head. Nice long strands curling into his ears. His T-shirt looked like it needed a shave too. Hair was every where. Fortunately for him, Mrs. Abyss saved the day and evened things out. Mr. Abyss you may be cheap, but that was the best laugh I’ve had all year.


  3. A few years ago, my husband decided he’d cut his own hair. He’s a big do it yourselfer. He sets the clipper at a certain distance and then runs it over his head so it’s very short. Super short is the only way it works for an even look. I trim his neck. I’ve threatened to cut designs along the edge, maybe a nice scallop or some lightning bolts. Sounds like Mr. Abyss had nice long locks when he started. If only he weren’t anonymous. I would have loved to see a photo! I hope you took one for your own future amusement (and possible blackmail), Mrs. Abyss.


  4. Now you absolutely MUST post a pic! Please? Pretty please?


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