Daily Archives: January 1st, 2010

Report: mixed success

December is now officially in the books. I’m glad to say I set another NaBloPoMo challenge for myself and met that challenge. I successfully posted every day in November and December of 2009.

I say mixed success, however, since I also accepted a voluntary challenge issued by NaBloPoMo in the month of December and sucked it hard. To “give” something every day and then blog out it. Wow, what a vicious challenge that turned out to be.

The month started promisingly and I think I made it about six days in before giving up. Because my financial situation is rather grim right now, I had decided when accepting the challenge it wouldn’t and couldn’t be simply about money.

So I failed at that. I did find some other ways to give during the rest of the month but they were few and far between, and since I was off the challenge by then, I kept them to myself.

Overall, though, I think the month was a success. I met the post every day goal and I did manage to increase my normal giving output and I’m glad about that. Hopefully there will be some ongoing goodness that comes from that.

I’m not exactly sure what the future holds for this blog now, but I do know this. No more challenges! 🙂 If I post every day it will be because I feel like it.

See you tomorrow! 🙂