Angry Christmas wallpaper

I’m at work (so this will be brief) and I’m in one of my moods. Long story short, I wanted new wallpaper on my computer. I thought about it for a second then punched into Google Image Search the phrase: angry christmas wallpaper

I didn’t find anything suitably angry. But I stopped my search when I came across the following image. I like it. A lot. So I thought I’d take a minute and share it. Click the image to visit the original context on the site where I found it (and get the hi-res version).

5 responses

  1. Counter Culture Clown | Reply

    Which is, of course, easily done by stabbing everyone that makes you do stuff in the face. Psh, NOW who’s around to tell me to do shit? No one. Hah, now I don’t have to hurry at all.

    Unless that says “Ruthlessly eliminate HARRY from your life.” Because that’s good advice too. That guy’s a dick…


  2. This picture is pretty. I love the color. It’s – – stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    PS Harry really is a jerk.


    1. Counter Culture Clown | Reply

      You know Harry!

      I actually have a blog idea about the “Harry” I’m talking about. I’m thinking I should try to typing it up tomorrow.


  3. Meanwhile, I’m now the #1 search result in a Google web search for the phrase “angry christmas wallpaper.” Heh!


    1. Counter Culture Clown | Reply

      Guess what, and this could be a preview of a future blog of mine, but I was looking at the stats on my wordpress dashboard, and apparently the other day someone used the following search to find my site:

      “giant mother farts on tiny child”

      So, perhaps I’m the #1 search for that? I shall wear that badge with pride!


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