The giving of ye olde syrup

Hot on the heels of November and still feeling flushed with success, I have decided to undertake another voluntary challenge. I have signed up with NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) again.

The mission I have accepted is, once again, to blog every day for the month of December, but this time there is a twist: “… give something, to someone, every day of the month, and then blog about it.” NaBloPoMo goes on to say, “The goal is to act with kindness …”

Yikes. Bring on the syrupy sweetness. 🙂

This was an impulsive decision (aren’t they all) so the clock is seriously clicking down on today and finding something to give. I’ll be back to let you know how that works out. Somehow I don’t think the video in the previous post is going to count.

12 responses

  1. Best of luck! (Insert cheers here.)


  2. This should be an interesting experiment. Looking forward to it!

    What did you give out today? Besides your awesomeness to all of us, of course …


  3. Counter Culture Clown | Reply

    If you fail before you start, can I have your soul?

    Perhaps I should do the ol’ NaBloPoMo. But then again, I don’t believe quantity = quality. And I’ve read some of the Blo-Mo (that’s Blow More, in cool talk) blogs, and a lot of them just push out the quantity and don’t give any quality. I cannot put you in that group yet, but don’t push it. If you can’t come up with a good idea, don’t put out a shitty one. Ok? Ok.

    Me, on the other hand, have a reputation to uphold. It’s not like my blog is exactly easy to keep up with. But you people are so damn hard to please.

    Either way, good luck on another month of Quantity over Quality blogging. 😉


    1. I was just thinking about quantity vs. quality. I want to be the McDonalds of the blogging world. Check out my new categories of Hello Kitty and Pokemon posts coming soon. Gotta catch ’em all!

      You are more than welcome to my soul. I was planning to trade it for Florida swampland or acreage on the moon. Alligator or pet rock? Hmmm.

      The NaBloPoMo December challenge may turn out to be an epic fail for me. I’ve been pondering it all day so far and still haven’t figured out what to give. I still have some time left, though. Maybe it will be another Christmas miracle!


      1. Counter Culture Clown

        Give sperm. The gift that keeps on coming.


  4. What a noble endeavor! I look forward to hearing about it. Every. Single. Day. 😉


  5. Wow, you must be crazy! heehee – I’m so over nablopomo – really looking forward to just blogging when I feel like it, not because I promised myself I’d do it. Then again, noticing my stats for today are still way up, and I haven’t posted anything new, made it hard for me to not post (knowing that people were coming around looking for something new), guess it became sort of a habit. But I fought the urge to blog today and am kinda glad I did. 🙂

    I do like the do-gooder twist to December’s blogging theme though. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck! 🙂


    1. You fought the law … er, the urge to post, and the post won! Okay, that makes absolutely no sense. But at least you still commented. And for that, I thank you!

      I have done my “give” for Dec. 1st. It’s in the books. Now I have to figure out how to blog about it. That comes tomorrow. I get to sleep on it!

      All I can say is this challenge is hella hard. It’s radical. It’s off the hook, yo. It just might do me in. Time will tell, I guess.


  6. No seriously, you are killing me here…a complete waste of a day waiting for what? Hello!!!!!


    1. LOL! Keep waiting, sucka! I guess that’s going to be the funnest part of this giving challenge, right? 🙂

      Actually, I’m finding this challenge to be hard. Damn hard. Extremely damn hard. Did I mention hard? But more about that in a bit. I’ll be reporting on Day #1 in a few (depending on how much the hot needles in my eyeballs continue to poke me to start my day).


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