Skateboarder fail while crossing the street

This is post I wrote last summer. After seeing a picture of a skateboarding pope I knew the time had finally come to share. Enjoy!

There is a certain type of person who wanders this world. They have no clue about what they are doing, no awareness of their surroundings, and no common sense.

Consider your garden variety street skateboarder. They’ll scoot along on their little toy, often only a few feet from where cars zoom by. All it would take is one little pebble to fling them from their board directly into traffic. Time it just right and it is head squishy time and brains splattered on the asphalt.

Oh yeah, we are not talking about your great thinkers here.

The other day I was at a stop sign waiting for my turn to go. In front of me a young man was crossing the street on his skateboard. As he proceeded through the intersection he fell off the board. D’oh! The board squirted backwards out of control in the direction opposite that he had been traveling. I watched as a car just happened to be turning into that same intersection at the exact same moment.

Yep, you guessed it. Tire hit skateboard and KABLEWIE! It was a pretty loud sound.

The driver immediately pulled over and leaped out of his car, probably freaked that he had just hit the kid. In the street the kid simply stood there holding the two separate pieces of what used to be his skateboard. What a dumb ass. Too dumb to know he had just narrowly escaped the gaping jaws of Darwin. I’d bet the only thought running through his head was, “skateboard breaky.” I’m sure he’ll be back in the streets on a new toy as soon as possible.

I just sat in my car and laughed at the perfect timing and the absurdity of that young man standing there with such a look of surprise on his face. It’s like he was saying,”What! Cars here?!?” Yeah, dude. You’re standing on a “street.” It’s a place where cars often go. Sorry but it’s not that surprising.

Good times.

2 responses

  1. Still, there’s a lot of freedom in going through life not bound by the common strictures…

    (How many points is it for a skateboard with no rider?)


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