I’m a winner!

Wow. Are things going my way or what?

First I received a $20 gift card to Starbucks from my mom. It’s the thought that counts, right? Even though I’m not that into coffee and the nearest Starbucks is 30 miles away.

So I decided to take Mrs. Abyss on the trip and make a date out of it. (The gory details of that excursion are documented here.)

While there the “barista” talked me into getting a 12-pack of Starbuck’s “VIA” instant coffee. Two fancy trendy coffee drinks and some instant coffee – POOF! My gift card was shot.

The “barista” also talked me into entering their contest. I normally don’t fall for that, but this time, what the hell. I gave in. Lo’ and behold, a week later I get a phone call and I was informed I had won a prize! Woot. That never happens to me. But, like an idiot I failed to ask what I had won.

So we make the 30 mile trip to get the “prize.” Can you guess? Yep, it was three individual packets of VIA. A retail value of about $2 bucks. I figure I spent about four times that amount on gas so my prize cost me about $6. 🙂

Today at the grocery store, though, I actually won a real price. The checker asked my name and then broadcast on the store’s PA system, “Congratulations to Tom who just won $20.” I was so stunned I voided by bowels. (Woot for the “poop” tag.)

Lastly, an honorable mention for site traffic yesterday. My “Sarah Palin is a liar” post got hit by a troll and I set a new all-time traffic record. In fact, my previous record was tripled in a single day. Something seems askew with that. I think WordPress must be counting “views” as multiple visits from the same two people who were bantering in that post. Apparently visitors are not tracked by “sessions” so repeat visits keep adding up on my little stats graph. Still, I’ll take it and call it a “mini-win.”

Woot. Look at me. I’m a winner!

10 responses

  1. So I have to share. Last spring I wrote two short satire pieces about Ms. Palin – in fun and not intending to continue (which I haven’t) because I don’t write a political blog. Now I can tell when she’s in the news, because my stats spike! Last week because of her book tour, I had many unintended visitors.


  2. Famous names seem to aid visit spikes. Earlier in the year I wrote two different blogs, one on John Lennon and one concerning Monty Python. Both are still generating hits every day and the John Lennon one has been visited so frequently that it has become my all time most viewed post. Now if only I could convince people that I am Steve Harris of Iron Maiden I’d be set for (blog) life.


    1. LOL! Well, it is a rather common name. According to Google, there are only 7 of me. But I’ll bet there could literally be hundreds of you. 🙂


  3. Now if you can only convince people Im a racist like to accused me of you would be set for life. 🙂


  4. Someone gave me a five-dollar Starbucks gift certificate! I think it barely bought one cup of coffee. I wish she would have just given me the money, I could have made lattes for a week at home! Too bad your free Starbucks prize turned out to be so costly. I remember the offer for free gifts that used to be very common on cereal boxes. Kids bawled for the “free” stuffed animal and couldn’t understand why parents didn’t want to order them. The shipping and handling costs made these free tacky soon-to-be-forgotten toys very expensive. (Yes, I fell for it a time or two!)


    1. LOL! Yeah, I have a feeling everyone who entered the contest won that same gift. Smart promotional tactic in other words. 🙂

      Those “free” cereal box items paved the way for the free items of today, like “free” software that costs like $1.50 to make and ship yet they charge a lot more. Like the “Video Professor” who says on his web site: “Pay up to $9.95 USD for shipping & processing.”

      I can’t believe people actually fall for that. Never underestimate the power of the word “free.”

      By the way, my blog is free. Enjoy. :p


  5. “Troll” is right! My inbox was flooded by that guy … talk about someone having too much time on his hands to spread his hatefulness.


  6. I’m sorry to hear about that, Kate. I’m been so thrilled with the little circle of people I’ve met so far on WordPress but there will be bumps in the road. These are divisive times. 😦


  7. I get spikes based on Hello Kitty. I’m secure enough to say that in public.


  8. […] fail. Tagged: coffee, instant, review, starbucks, via. Leave a Comment Not too long ago I “won” some Starbucks VIA instant coffee. My wife entered us in a “contest” and we […]


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