Best karaoke song of all time

YouTube wouldn't let me embed and all I got was this stupid tshirtYouTube. The best way ever to look in vain for video content that used to be there but has since been rendered “unavailable” for one reason or another. Looking down my “Favorites” this morning I was suddenly struck by the sheer number of them marked as “video unavailable.” Well ain’t that just a barrel o’ fun?

Luckily, though, timeless classics like Robot Pac-Man and How to Eat a Chicken Wing somehow dodged the bullet and still remain. 🙂

Here’s a favorite of mine that is still online and just happens to be the best karaoke song of all-time. Plug of a few slugs of hard liquor in me and I’ll get jiggy with this song ever freakin’ time.

Radiohead – Creep

Of course, “embedding disabled by request” for this video. Isn’t sharing content fun?

Credit shouts: Tshirt image generated using the Custom TShirt Generator.

2 responses

  1. I heard that song done twice last week, and I was just walking by the place.


  2. I know. I don’t get it. When the Youtube logo is emblazoned on the video why oh why is the embedding disabled?


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