Kissing three asses at the same time; the Giuliani hat trick

Rudy Giuliani

I couldn't find a picture of Giuliani in his custom baseball hat - so please enjoy this teddy bear

The New York Yankees baseball club is in the playoffs again this year. We all know what that means: More closeup shots of Rudy Giuliani wearing his custom baseball hat and enjoying really good seats.

The hat he’s sporting isn’t just a hat with the NY Yankees famous logo. It doesn’t honor the memory of 9/11 with a reference to NYPD or NYFD either.

Nay. Verily, it somehow defies all odds and combines all three!

The hat reads: PD *NY* FD

Niiiiiiiice. It’s the triple threat of 9/11 and New York references.

[picapp src=”d/0/2/3/Giuliani_Stumps_For_1949.jpg?adImageId=6964170&imageId=2390317″ width=”234″ height=”193″ /]

Rumor has it that if you pry this piece of art from his cranium with a crow bar and turn it inside out it forms a diorama of Giuliani standing on a pile of rubble in drag with his current favorite mistress.

In Giuliani’s dictionary GOP must stand for Greatly Offensive Pandering.

Here tushy tushy tushy.

Smooch smooch smooch.

3 responses

  1. Hilarious post. I may come here first thing every morning. Beats the depressing news in the newspaper. I love the teddy bear. I may steal this idea when I can’t find a suitable photo.


  2. Whew. I’m glad you got it. 😉

    I was rather worried about a humorous post that had anything to do with 9/11. Hopefully it’s very clear that I’m making fun of Giuliani exploiting 9/11 and not anything to do with 9/11.


  3. No worries, its clear he is the well deserved target! He wore it again tonight. I want all remaining games played in Philly until that weasel stops wrapping himself in the bravery of people he isn’t worthy of having known.


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