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Pandora, why hast thou forsaken me?

Rockin' to that internet musicI had quite the love affair with Pandora Internet Radio. I have to admit their Music Genome Project was pretty cool. They claimed each song in the project was analyzed “using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics.”

That meant if I started a new “station” with a song I liked, I was likely to enjoy the rest of the music they matched me up with. Last time I looked I had 63 stations, most of which I had extensively customized by rating the songs I did and didn’t like.

I admit I was a hardcore consumer of Pandora. I used it almost 40 hours a week while at work.

Yes, there was advertising, but since I kept Pandora in it’s own tab, it wasn’t too intrusive. And, to be quite honest about it, I didn’t mind the ads so much since they were built into the Pandora page and didn’t impact the listening experience at all. I understood they were a necessary evil that paid for the service I enjoyed.

A few months back, though, Pandora dropped me an email and said that they were limiting free accounts to 40 hours a month. If I wanted more, I’d have to upgrade to “Pandora One” for $36 a year, which would also take away the ads.

I thought by receiving the ads I was already “paying” for the service!

So now I listen to Pandora until it runs out, then simply dump it for the rest of the month, which means the ads targeted at unpaid users like me are stopped. I now listen to free radio through Windows Media Player where there are minimal advertisements and no time limits.

Today’s puzzle courtesy of The Terminator himself


Can you find what is so interesting about this letter? Mwuahahahahaha!

Here’s a link to the official government web site where the original PDF version of the letter can be found.

Halloween in Heaven (Christmas in Hell)

Type O Negative may not be your cup ‘o tea, but here’s a little Halloween ditty with a lively beat. 🙂

Of harps and choirs
Pumpkin pine pyres
Flames of red and green
Orange and black
Years take me back
Christmas or Halloween

Halloween in heaven
It’s Christmas in hell
Halloween in heaven
Oh well, oh well


We need more guns in bars

Guns and barsI can just imagine it.

The legislator leaned back in his chair, taking a much needed break from porking energy industry “lobbyists” and exclaimed, “what a good job I’ve  been doing” and wondered, “what’s the next problem that needs fixin’.”

“I know,” he exclaimed. “We need more guns in bars. That is what I’ll work on next.”

That’s sort of what happened in Arizona recently when a new law went into effect allowing people with concealed weapons permits to take their guns into bars. (I assume they can already open carry.)

Hmm. Guns and bars. One song immediately leaped to mind.

I rode into town on a crippled horse
Got fired from a cattle drive up north
The ropes of the gallows were swingin’ in the breeze
All the Wanted posters had pictures of me

I got my Colt Forty Five, right by my side
I’m the California Kid, I hope you’re quite prepared to die

Tied what was left of my horse to a hitch
Walked into a saloon, they called the ‘Busted Bitch’
I ordered up a whiskey, he asked me for my bread
I paid him two bits and then I pumped him full of lead

I got my Colt Forty Five, right by my side
I’m the California Kid, I hope you’re quite prepared to die

Source: The song California Kid by the Beat Farmers featuring Country Dick Montana.

Kissing three asses at the same time; the Giuliani hat trick

Rudy Giuliani

I couldn't find a picture of Giuliani in his custom baseball hat - so please enjoy this teddy bear

The New York Yankees baseball club is in the playoffs again this year. We all know what that means: More closeup shots of Rudy Giuliani wearing his custom baseball hat and enjoying really good seats.

The hat he’s sporting isn’t just a hat with the NY Yankees famous logo. It doesn’t honor the memory of 9/11 with a reference to NYPD or NYFD either.

Nay. Verily, it somehow defies all odds and combines all three!

The hat reads: PD *NY* FD

Niiiiiiiice. It’s the triple threat of 9/11 and New York references.

[picapp src=”d/0/2/3/Giuliani_Stumps_For_1949.jpg?adImageId=6964170&imageId=2390317″ width=”234″ height=”193″ /]

Rumor has it that if you pry this piece of art from his cranium with a crow bar and turn it inside out it forms a diorama of Giuliani standing on a pile of rubble in drag with his current favorite mistress.

In Giuliani’s dictionary GOP must stand for Greatly Offensive Pandering.

Here tushy tushy tushy.

Smooch smooch smooch.