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A Ticket for Parking While Breast-Feeding

BreastfeedingThis offering comes from the New York Times “City Room.” Link.

Headline reads: A Ticket for Parking While Breast-Feeding

So, what does the story reveal? “A family received a ticket for being parked in a no-standing zone …” Bingo! Breastfeeding had nothing to do with this story. They could have been playing parchesi or moonwalking.

If it wasn’t for the breast-feeding element, what would have been newsworthy here? An illegally parked car in New York City?!?!? Come on!!!

Could it be that the topic of breast-feeding is being used for a bit of sensationalism here?

The door is open – you just have to drive into it

Find a parking spotWho are these people who sit in parking spaces with their car door open?

You cruise the lot and spot an open space. Bingo! That space is mine! Game on! You head for the space and are about to whip in there when…


Someone is just sitting in the adjacent space with their door wide open. You can’t pull in. The next few moments are apparently scripted because they are always the same.

First comes recognition. “What?” they seem to be saying. “Another car? Here of all places?!?!?!? But this is a parking lot!!!” Heh.

Then, almost as if in slow motion, they lean out and reach for the door. Slowly, ever so slowly, the door is closed.

Then you pull into your shiny new space, glance over, and see that they are giving you a look, as if you somehow negatively impacted their space and their day! What unmitigated gall.

Eat me!

Eat my voice mail, sucka!

Ringing phoneHere’s the scenario.

For some strange reason, the boss doesn’t particularly enjoy all the employees lounging around bored and with nothing to do. So we don’t just sit longingly by the phone waiting for you to call and make our day.

We got shitz to do and thingz goin’ on. Can ya dig it?

It’s almost like the boss thinks that by giving us more tasks and responsibilities than we can ever hope to complete he is guaranteeing that we won’t be slackers. Keeping us behind the eight ball 24/7 is simply a guerrilla tactic to make sure we always work our asses off.

So, what happens when the phone rings? Surprisingly, there are times when we just can’t take the call. We might be with a customer, carrying boxes, on our hands and knees, or otherwise out of pocket.

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