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Can’t call in sick scenarios

Sick dayvector: an organism (as an insect) that transmits a pathogen

My boss is what you might call a bit of a germ freak. He’s continually afraid of catching a cold, the flu or some other contagious illness, so he has anti-bacterial wipes to clean surfaces he comes into contact with and he washes his hands after using our workstations.

He even went so far as to hold a staff a meeting with all of us about the importance of certain things, like sneezing into our elbows and not touching our noses and eyes. He also wants us to call in sick if we think we might be coming down with something contagious. Based on the image at the top-left of this post, the CDC seems to agree.

Aye, there’s the rub.

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The Beatles made whores for hawking products

The hate in me is swelling. The target this time: Blackberry.

Some trendy guy sings a cover of the song “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles. Meanwhile, a trendy chick needs to learn how to dance so she can be accepted by her peers. Her need to conform and be cool is apparently very great. So she turns to her Blackberry, of course, which teaches her the hip new moves so people will like her. Finally, true friends!

In other news, David Spade has a new commercial featuring his dead buddy, Chris Farley. I’m no Farley fan, I just didn’t think the guy was funny, but COME ON!!! How tasteless can ya be? Just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should. Seriously, I’d like to know who got paid off for selling out Farley.

For another example involving Kurt Cobain, please keep reading after the jump.

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