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Black tar … black lung … black mold … black taco?!?!?

Black taco

Black hole taco?

The new “black taco” at Taco Bell with … jack sauce?

First of all, let’s get this messy little bit of business out of the way right off the bat. We all know where that “jack sauce” comes from, right?

Now I don’t normally watch too much TV, but the commercial for this new food item got me thinking. A black taco shell? This from the same company that had taco shells in grocery stores with genetically engineered corn that was “not for human consumption.”

That particular cluster fuck was brought to us by Kraft Foods using their Taco Bell license. And, as well all know, Kraft is the food division of Philip Morris Co., with more than 70 brands and $17.5 billiion in sales.

Philip Morris, the tobacco company, has since changed its name to the more devious Altria, but we all still know what their primary product is, right?

Wait. Now I get it. I guess a black taco shell is a great idea after all. Now I get the connection. The new black taco at Taco Bell. Be the first on your block to smoke one!

Feckless Friday: Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

Feckless FridayThis week’s aerial challenge should be a little easier. At least I think so. I guess it will depend on one critical factor, which will be obvious after the jump.

You might say that this week’s feckless challenge gives us of “bird’s eye view” of a famous location somewhere in the world.

I don’t normally give clues. I must be getting weak.

The answer, a link to the original large version of this thumbnail and a ground level image will all be available after the jump.

When you are ready to see the answer, hit the “Continue reading” link to find out how you did.

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