I voted for Obama

VoteI’m not afraid to admit it. I voted for Barack Obama.

Am I especially proud of it? Naw. It was just a vote. I don’t want to be contrary to the greater wisdom being spun by the Bitchers. (Hey look, shiny new lingo.) They are frothing at the mouth to paint my vote as so much more. It was just a vote. And guess what? I’d even do it again.

Have I lost faith with Obama? No. I’d still vote for him again. Most likely I’ll vote for him in 2012. Do I agree with everything he’s done? No. But more than any mistakes or weaknesses in Obama, I cry foul of the extra loud devicive voices. Yes, for people who used to label critics “traitors” and say that questioning the president was “treason,” all of the sudden those same people feel that dissent is the new cool.

My boss knows I voted for Obama. He called me a “kool-aid drinker” because of it. Gee, how classy. Did I once ever call him an idiot for voting for Bush? Or any name of any kind? No, I most decidedly did not.

Where the hell does someone get the balls and the audacity to treat another human being that way? It blows my mind. People actually think a reference to Jim Jones and the horrible mass suicide in Guyana is a suitable allegory for my political views. How nice.

Whatever. I have a little secret to share with the Bitchers. I did not vote for Obama because I thought he was a “God.” I did not think he was a “messiah.” I am not a “worshipper” or even an adoring fan. I do not think he walks on water. I’m not a socialist and I don’t hate Israel and I love my country. I was proud to take an official oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and I’d do that again, too.

Nor can my vote for Obama be automatically construed as a “yes” on increasing the size of government or that I want government to somehow be a “daddy.” The free market is good for some jobs, government is better suited for some others. Acknowledging that doesn’t make me a big pussy wanting government to do everything for me.

The Bitchers might be amazed to learn that, just like them, I weighed the candidates and voted for the one that I felt best represented my views. I voted for the candidate I felt would be better for my country in the long run. Hey, just like the Bitchers did, too. And look what a ration of shit I’ve gotten for doing my civic duty and being a good voter. I’ve been “duped.” I fell for something when I voted for Obama. Yeah, right.

I liked his message of hope and change, especially after living under eight years of George W. Bush. Do I have any problem with McCain? Not really. In a lot of ways, the man has got a lot of class and he’s been through some major hell for this country. It was no slight of him at all to simply prefer someone else.

So why are the Bitchers so damn eager to put me down as a person and ascribe me the worst possible motives? I think it’s a faulty sense of self. They see themselves as “good” and people who don’t share their opinions as “bad.”

By this logic, it is easy to see how Bush was “elected” but Obama was “anointed.” And so on and so on. At least the way they see it.

My boss apparently is a wise and enlightened voter. Me? I’m just a kool-aid drinker. People should probably yell, “Hey kool-aid man!” when they see me coming or walking down the street.

5 responses

  1. I’m with you Kool Aid man. Respect seems a one way street with Obama’s opposition, they expect it, but don’t dare give it.

    I think agreeing with any politician completely is dangerous. What much of the extreme opposition accuses you and I of, based on our votes, is exactly what it appears they do.

    Now, could you put my wall back up and just ring the doorbell like everyone else?


  2. […] I became known as the kool-aid man I’ve been trying to keep my identity a closely guarded secret. Alas, I was recently outed by […]


  3. Saw Richard Lewis at tail end of Olbermann’s show tonight. Funniest take away line: “I would have voted for a Muppet after 8 years of Bush.” But then, the way people are freaking out over a black President, can you imagine what they’d be saying about a green one? (‘Cause Kermit would have to carry the ticket.)


  4. Well, obviously. It’s not easy being green. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)


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    I’m behind on writing original content due to the holidays hubbub so here’s a random blast from the past. I feel it really holds up. I’m proud of myself.


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