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Classmates.com can eat my ass!

Angry classmates dot comIn theory, Classmates.com is a neat idea. You can hook up with people you used to know. Fun. Or not. 🙂

I did sign up as a free member knowing full well that some of the “premium” features would be unavailable to me. I did so under the assumption that Classmates.com wanted me to check out their service and, hopefully, later on decide to whip out my wallet and fork over some scrilla.

I have to admit. I wasn’t so moved. I was quite content to remain a free member.

Then I started receiving these ominous notifications. “Someone” had signed my “guestbook.” I was asked, “Don’t you want to know who it is???”

WTF? I visited the site and tried to find a way to view the identities of people, or at least get a preview of their comments. (How do I know it isn’t spam? If I pay to see spam Classmates.com is going to have a much bigger problem on their hands.)

Nope. No dice. They are unwilling to give you even a tiny glimpse.


So now people from my past could be under the assumption that I’m ignoring them and don’t care since I was dumb enough to sign up for a free service. That’s just swell.

Musical interlude: Suburbia

Here it is, my first embedding of a YouTube.com video as a cheap ass way of justifying another post. Meh.

I just adore these lyrics. Good stuff.

The band featured in this video is the Rugburns. I used to see them live in San Diego at the Blarney Stone Pub. Good times! They are a fantastic “bar band.” And I used to live in El Cajon, California, not far from the location of Hiram’s Guns and Liquor famously mentioned in this song, so this video has a lot of deep, personal meaning for me.


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Feckless Friday: Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

Feckless FridayToday’s image challenge again comes from NASA’s Earth Observatory. This is an aerial image of a famous location.

Can you guess the location using only this aerial view?

My first aerial challenge was last week and I’m going to try to make this a regular thing.

I hope you enjoy this challenge. And yes, once again, Google Maps was not used in any way in this post.

A bigger image of this sample and a ground view image of the location will be available after the jump.

When you are ready to give up or check your answer, hit the jump.

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