Word of the day: insurance

Insurance is gamblingWelcome to another new feature here on the blog: The Demotivational Dictionary. This is where we take a normal everyday word and strip it down to what it really means and/or look at it in a whole new light.

Today’s word:

insurance – the most crass form of gambling invented by humans so far.

Bonus: This post, by the way, is a “tier-2” blog post. That means it is my second blog post on the same day – somewhat of a rarity around here.

6 responses

  1. The sad thing is, I work for an insurance/annuities company, and this isn’t far from the truth. Hurray for imbalance in the economy. It’s like putting your money in front of an active fan with no paper weight and hoping it’s still there when you come back.


  2. Oops! Sorry, didn’t realize! :p


  3. Work For

    Give A Shit About

    Two very, very different things, my friend.


  4. LOL! Good to know. I’ll be re-posting some of my work stories, soon. Good times, good times.


  5. i do all my gambling in casinos, so i’m clear..


  6. By the way, this is the story that originally got my creative juices flowing and prompted this blog post:

    Fat baby denied health insurance


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