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Feckless Friday: Aerial Reconnaissance Challenge

Feckless FridayFeckless Friday is here! Feckless as in fun, frivilous, irresponsible, AKA something that is just not productive. Just what I need to finish the week!

This is a new thing I’m going to try on the blog, at least for a while. On Friday’s we’ll have a feckless challenge of sorts. I’ll find and post an aerial photo of some sort of famous location on planet Earth. The challenge will be to see if anyone can identify the location. This is not so much of a puzzle, I’m afraid. It’s either something you’ll know or you won’t. Not much strategy in that.

And no Google Maps were used during the creation of this post.

Can you identify the location shown in this aerial image?

The answer along with another image will be shown after the jump.

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