Daily Archives: October 1st, 2009

Don’t be afraid of the dark energy

Universe contentRandomly surfing the net, I find things. This time it is an interesting graph from NASA.

According to this graph, the universe was 63% dark matter only 13.7 billion years ago. These days dark, though, matter has slipped to 23%. Dark energy is the new master at a whopping 72%.

Also alarming is the drop in “atoms” from 12% to only 4.6% now.

Neutrinos and photons have apparently gone the way of the dinosaurs and the dodo.

What does this all mean? By my calculations the end of the world is right on schedule for 2012. By then the deadly combination of dark matter and dark energy should complete squeeze all the remaining atoms out of this graph.

I don’t think even the mighty space shuttle tile can help us with this one. It was nice knowing ya.

America’s Got Talent: Hoff Beef Injection

David HasselhoffWhen not previously committed to playing an old guy in a Knight Rider spin off, eating a hamburger, or video taping himself while drunk, American celebrity David Hasselhoff somehow also finds the time to be a staple on the hit TV show America’s Got Talent.

I find it hard to take my eyes off him. It’s a lot like looking at an automobile accident. You just can’t help yourself. (I personally think this is in our DNA and passed down as a survival instinct. You had to look at what killed that other thing just in case it might be something that could kill you. Those with this instinct lived to pass on their genes.)

David, or as he likes to call himself, The Hoff, stands on stage and the TV audience goes wild. He raises his arms up in the air. Again the audience goes wild.

The really compelling stuff, though, is what comes out of his mouth. He has adopted the practice of taking existing words and modifying them by adding his name “Hoff”  in the word.

That performance was HOFF the charts!

That was HOFFtastic!

These “hoffisms,” if that term may be permitted, can often turn out to be an entertaining part of the show. What will he come up with next, we wonder? Just how low can he go in his shameless self-promotion? The Hoff stuff has risen to the level of being a gimmick for the overall show. How did that happen?

Watching The Hoff “judge” the various acts on their “talent” he seems to have a special and pronounced penchant for the ladies. As he leers and makes lewd comments, somehow I just know the lecherous old man would love to take some of the female contestants out to sample their hofferings.

That’s when I had the idea to come up with a hoffism of my very own.

Go give ’em the hoff beef injection, David!

I’m sure they’ll appreciate the hoffgasms.

Google’s auto-complete from A to Z

RolodexThe Google home page has a search box. In that box is an auto-complete feature that tries to guess what you might be typing next. As you type additional letters the display changes as the results are refined and get narrower and narrower.

I’m assuming that with every character you enter Google is showing what it thinks is the most likely search term you want based on what has been entered so far.

I was curious about the auto-complete feature and what it had to say about what Google thought was important, so I decided to try every letter of the alphabet and see what results I got. As you will see, the results are very commercial.

Here is my list of results from Google’s auto-complete feature:

A – amazon
B – best buy
C – craigslist
D – dictionary
E – ebay
F – facebook
G – gmail
H – hotmail
I – imdb
J – jet blue
K – kohls
L – lowes
M – mapquest
N – netflix
O – old navy
P – pandora
Q – quotes
R – realtor.com
S – southwest airlines
T – target
U – usps
V – verizon wireless
W – walmart
X – xm radio
Y – youtube
Z – zillow

Interesting that the letter Z was the only letter that came up with a result I’d never heard before.